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    Price explanation

    guerrierofelice Level 1

      Hi all,  I need a explanation on the costs of 'Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, Professional Edition.


      If I wanted to bring my digital edition magazine: + Magazine Newsstand should I pay monthly:

      $ 495 and then I pay for every download of my magazine?


      I would allow my users to free download magazine I must always pay for every download?

      There are other methods?


      If I want to create a free magazine costs become too high.

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          That's how it works. If you can't afford that then you need to revisit the business plan.


          There's no system I know of that will allow you to provide a subscription based app without paying hosting and download fees of some type.



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            guerrierofelice Level 1

            I so I'll have to pay a fixed monthly adobe plus a price per download?  EXM: U.S. $ 495 Monthly + (20,000 downloads per month = U.S. $ 0.30/.folio * 20,000 = $ 6,000) 6000 +495 = $ 6495 is my monthly cost for the magazine? But my profit is zero, because the newspaper will be free

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              Moshe a



              If You can reach 20000 downloads then You are A "player" un the market, then you can make some money from advertising.

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                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                What would it cost to print and mail them?


                As Moshe says, if you've got 20,000 subscribers you should be able to sell advertising.



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                  guerrierofelice Level 1

                  But if I ever decide to sell my magazine, I should pay for downloading adobe and the percentage on the price (30%) of the magazine to apple?

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                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    Right. Once you charge for it, Apple takes 30%.



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                      Mike Lipson Level 1

                      Bob -


                      The fallacy here is the comparison to print. The proper comparison is to typical web/ftp hosting. A competitive ISP will charge $5 to $10/month on a shared server with unlimited storage and decent enough bandwith - probably far superior to download speeds that we are getting on average from acrobat.com and the distribution server.


                      (As I'm writing this as I'm on minute 20 waiting for a 200 Mb issue to download from the Acrobat server, I'm at 93 Mb)


                      A dedicated T1 and cheap 1Tb box would set you back $2000 for the year. Google Drive surpasses even Dropbox with 200GB of storage for $5/month.


                      So what does Adobe think? That guerrierofelice is getting $6000 of value each month from Omniture?


                      Obviously god bless him if he can get 20k monthly users but still Adobe would knock that down to what $3k?



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                        BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                        I disagree. These are publications, not websites.





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                          Mike Lipson Level 1

                          Bob -


                          These are nothing more than gussied up PDF's.


                          Very "Non-Portable" PDF's - btw - for which Adobe wishes us to pay .30 cents a copy.



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                            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                            If that's all they are then distribute them as PDFs.



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                              f4nch Level 1

                              For an other price explanation.


                              Concerning the month-to-month subscription for DPS, it is said in the subscription terms:

                              Your month-to-month subscription renews automatically and your credit card will be charged the fees stated at the time of purchase plus applicable taxes each month.  Price may change at the end of your subscription period.  You will receive a receipt via email when your card has been charged. Your subscription will start as soon as your credit card is successfully charged.  You may cancel your subscription at any time via the subscription manager on Adobe.com or by calling Adobe customer service at the number for your region.  Subscription (except Digital Publishing Suite subscription) cancelled within the first 30 days after purchase will be refunded. Digital Publishing Suite subscriptions will not be refunded unless required by law.


                              I saw in an other post that it was not possible to cancel the subscription, even the month-to-month one, before the end of the first year, so I just don't understand any more.


                              Is it possible to cancel the month-to-month subscription within the first year of contract? Let's say I want to publish 12 issues of my magazine in six months, one every two weeks, and then stop everything if I see it's not successful. Can I stop the subscription and not pay for the remaining six months?


                              Thanks a lot in advance!

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                                Mōtum Level 1

                                We just published our first issue and it looks like the fees are much greater than expected. Since apple requires you to have a free sample.  Everyone that downloads your app, then downloads the free sample, then downloads your paid version (maybe). So you get dinged multiple times per user for downloads.


                                This platform could become way too costly with not enough benefit very quickly.

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                                  Mōtum Level 1

                                  ...then when you ad the iPhone and iPad version each user can download to all of their devices. A single user could cost you $0.90-$1.20 in downloads before even talking about Apples cut.


                                  We are shopping for other options already.

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                                    Jimraynor01 Level 1

                                    As far as im aware, they charge download while you are testing as well. So any downloads while you are reviewing your own folio to Content Viewer during the publishing phase counts.


                                    If managing download usage is important to business model, the least Adobe can do is to provide a place to monitor our downloads right? But apparently not yet:



                                    Such a simple feature omitted so publishers are blindly using up quota unaware of how quickly it gets used up.


                                    This reminds me of how ISPs were forced to provide usage stats when they offered limited plans 200mb/month back in the day so consumers would not go over and get charged ridiculous overcharges then complain they didnt know.

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                                      jbalmain Level 1

                                      gee .... i did not think about this multiple tries by same customer on different devices .......


                                      And sorry but I still think the pricing for the different versions is everything but clear.