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    Jpeg looks different than actual Image in Photoshop (saving Issues)

    tashawaddell Level 1

      My image in photoshop has thin lines, but when I save it, the jpeg shows the image with very thick dark lines, looking not like the image in photoshop. Why does it do this? How can I stop PS from doing this to my image? I want the image to look as it does in Photoshop when I save it as a Jpeg.

      This is in Photoshop CS4




      Batmobile.JPGAs it should be (using the snipping tool (I can't use the snipping tool as my only option, because it will only capture the size as it is on the screen, not the actual dimensions in Photoshop)


      To the Batmobile.jpg

      Saved as a Jpeg; the lines are thicker, and now there is little variation in line weight


      Does anyone have a solution? Any help would be greatly appreciated.