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    Graphic link isn't shown in the links panel.


      Hi there.


      I'm working on a 550 page catalogue. As many problems with InDesign start, we've converted the file from Quark Xpress into InDesign.

      This was a manual process and we drag and dropped all the images across, luckily InDesign took the link with it when it was dragged across. However looking through the files now, I've noticed that some images don't have any links at all - It doesn't even show up as a missing link, theres nothing there. I assume this is where the link has been missing in the original quark file. see attachment.

      Screen Shot 2012-04-30 at 12.25.28.png

      (The bottom left image is selected, of the brown mat - as you can see, no link info is seen and also no info is show on the Info panel.)


      The only way to check if this error has occured is by clicking on each image to see if the link is there.


      My question is, has anyone come across this before and is there a way to find this error in a pre-flight check. There are thousands of images and it would take a very long time to go through and check each image individually.



      Thank you in advance of your response.




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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          An image with nothing listed in the links panel means it was pasted. Frankly, I'm surprised that the dragging anything from Quark brought a link with it.


          The proper way to put content into ID is to PLACE the original image.


          If you have a lot of older Quark files to convert you should take a serious look at Q2ID from Markzware.com. It does an excellent job of conversion. It is highly recommended, though, that any converted files be immediately exported from ID to .idml for cleanup. see Remove minor corruption by exporting

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            hobsod Level 1

            Hi Peter.


            Thanks for the response.


            Well, when we were faced with converting the files into ID we were looking at ways in which to do it. We found that dragging and dropping from QXP9 into ID CS5.5 worked a treat. I'd say 95% of them have worked perfectly, its just these troublesome ones I want to keep a track on.


            I tried exporting as .idml but to no success. Thanks anyway for the suggestion.

            I think I'll have to go through and manually check all these images. Unless you or anybody else knows of a way to spot these through a Preflight check.


            Thanks again for your reply, Peter.