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    Need a hand to configure FMS 4.5 to output HTTP stream...

    Sv Bell

      Hi folks!

      I'm trying to setup Flash Media Server (Streaming server) and I'm having issues with outputting HTTP stream.

      The system works very well with the Flash ooutput, but for some reason the livepkgr won't work. Tried several things over the past two weeks, I've went thru docs and I don't know anymopre what else I can try... The source of the video feed is upstreamed from my own home computer, via Flash Live Encoder.


      I operate a dedicated server, running Windows 2008 Server. The default web site is IIS. I configured the ports so that port 80 is the default IIS inetpub/webroot, and the FMS 4.5 install is accessed via port 8134. So the IP opens the default Windows IIS, and takes the request to the FMS install.


      The video stream is live on the Flash server, I can see it in the console, the livepkgr appears to be working, and I do see the .STREAM file being generated in the _definst_/livebroadcast/livestream folder. So the server works, and process the HTTP output.


      I believe the URL I should use to access the output HLS stream is:

      but it returns a file not found message. Is there something wrong with the URL syntax? Or there is something else in the .conf files I must tweak? Or is it an issue with Apache 2.2 configuration?


      You can see the live Flash stream from my web site http://www.blackflag.tv I want to change this Flash stream to HTTP stream.


      Thanks for your help folks!!!

      -sv bell