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    CS6 performance improvement over CS5 when editing AVCHD?

    wrinklypeter2 Level 1

      I'm running Premiere Pro CS5 version 5.0.3 on Win7 64bit with an I7 960 3.2ghz processor and 12gig ram installed. 

      Premiere is installed on a solid state drive, along with the operating system etc. I'm using a PNY NVidia GForce GTX 285 which has a single Nvidia GPU and 1,024MB of GDDR3 onboard. I chose the GeForce graphics card as it has CUDA technology and I coudn't afford a Quadro card. Video is currently imported on two dedicated HDD's which are RAIDed (RAID 0) together and are solely used for that purpose.


      I've been editing good quality semi-pro standard definition video with great success and have no issues in that respect, however I'm thinking of buying an AVCHD camera, so I've tried editing some H.264 AVCHD at 25p (1920x1080) and the performance of Premiere is considerably reduced when compared to my DV editing. I realise that AVCHD will use much more resources and I was expecting some peformance drop, but not as much as I am experiencing! I would have thought that my PC specs would be fine!


      Will an upgrade to Premiere CS6 significantly improve performance (ie rendering speeds etc) over my version of Premiere CS5 without upgrading any of my hardware, or have I got to upgrade my ram (bearing in mind that Premiere is installed on a SSD) or change my graphics card?


      If an upgrade to my hardware is needed to restore performance, realistically (budgets are tight!), how could I best improve my system?


      Thanks for any help / advice you can give.