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    Problem with PremPro 4 combined with CS5 Master Suite-32 bit issue.

    yellowstonemcclung Level 1

      Hello, everyone!


      A few months ago, I successfully installed the CS 5.5 Master Collection.  Since my laptop is just a 32-bit machine (company computer) and not 64-bit, I am unable to use Premier Pro CS5 and had to opt for the included Premier Pro 4, which works on my 32-bit.


      I hadn't opened it till yesterday, when I needed to edit an existing video for work.  When I saw that my timelines were blown up to giant proportions and none of the pop-up window buttons work (such as "save before closing?"), I checked my monitor resolution (it seems ok) and then uninstalled it.


      I went to the Content and Installation disk and tried to reinstall using the setup application file.  I selected Premier Pro and the other two files that accompany it, then hit the install button.  It looked like it was going to complete the install, then at the end an error came up that said that the install failed because it needs the "After Effects with CS4 32-bit support for CS5."


      UCK!   I don't know where to find that file!  Can anyone point me in the right direction?  Could that support file be on the first or second Application disks and not on this third content disk?   Do I need to totally uninstall the Master Collection and reinstall it if that is the case?


      Any wisdom is appreciated!  I know how to use this great stuff, but the installation process has me baffled!


      Thanks so much!