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    Cannot use desktop app


      Back in January, I had the following problem:




      It was temporarily solved, so I could access Story through the web interface. 


      Although the web interface is working fine, I still can't use the desktop application.


      I have tried reinstalling Story and also, deinstalling and reinstalling all Adobe apps, but everytime Story opens, it is still stuck on the "Starting Backup Please Wait" dialogue.  Is there some internal cache I can delete?


      Also - Has the FTP backup problem been solved?

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          ilyushenko78 Level 1

          Anything on this yet?

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            stevengotts Level 1

            I assume this adobe response for the iphone app may also explain the desktop problem. or maybe not.


            Helpful AnswerRe: Can't log into iPhone app.


            Hi and sorry for the trouble.


            In preparation for the CS6 launch, we have had to change the log-in components for Story to use newer APIs. We are in the process of updating the iPhone application so that we use the latest login components. This update should be ready to submit to Apple in about a weeks’ time.



            Anubhav Rohatgi

            Sr. Product Manager

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              AnubhavRohatgi Adobe Employee



              The iphone app problem does not impact the desktop or web access to Story. If you are facing a problem, post on the forum and we’ll get it sorted out for you.



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                ilyushenko78 Level 1

                Hi Anubhav,


                I have a problem.  Please see first post on this thread.



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                  Same issue here. I can login online with no issues. But when I try to sign in to my desktop app it says signing in but then never does and goes back to the sign in page.


                  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no success.


                  My Story iPhone app however has no issues.


                  Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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                    thebrich Level 1

                    This fixed the issue for me that I read about on another forum:


                    Try following:

                    1)  You don't need to uninstall adobe story. just close the adobe story application if it's already running.

                    2) after that on


                              Delete "%appdata%\Adobe\AIR\ELS\com.adobe.AdobeStory*" (i.e. delete all the folders starting with



                              Delete the application stored data: User > Library > Application Support > AIR > ELS > com.adobe.AdobeStory*


                      3) Now try logging in and you will see that you logged-in  in online mode, your online data will start syncing to offline database automatically.


                    This seemed to give everything a clean start. Hope this helps.

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                      Deepak - Adoby Story Team Level 2

                      Do not delete your ELS data permanently. Before going for experiment keep a copy of it so that you can restore it if needed.


                      With the latest changes in Story and our move to subscription model now free users won't be able to use AIR application. Only those users who were already using Story on a particular machine would be able to login to AIR-offline to access their data. So if you delete your ELS Story would treat you as a new user altogether and it'll not allow you to login unless you are a paid user.



                      Adobe Story team