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    Brush Lag after using CS5 for a few hours?!

    finnandme Level 1

      Mac Pro

      2x2.8 Quad Core Xeon

      10 g 800mhz mem

      ATI 5770


      PS CS5 12.04


      Working on image @ 3010x5562 240ppi 22M


      After working for a few hours, using various brush, including Mixer Brushes, I started to get brush lag and this just got worse as I went on!


      I tried clearing cache, saving and rebooting, but still have problem!


      I have also tried opening another image, but had the same problem, so I can only assume this is not a image problem as such, but a resources fault with Photoshop?!


      Can anyone please advice?


      Did Adobe address the Mixer Brush lag problem with CS6?


      Many thanks for your time!