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    Elements 9 Catalog


      My Elements 9 catalog has failed again and now will only show upto 5 thumb nails across, and then not all the time.

      Cannot use photo mail as the thumb nails do not open in the preview and elements stops if you try to send.

      Catolog manager is all greyed out so cannot run optimize etc.

      Cannot delate thumb.5 cache as auto analyser appears to be running even when i have turned it off.

      Running windows 7 64bit with 16 ram etc 2 TB space on 3 drives. Any solutions or should I just buy some other software?

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          photodrawken Level 5

          See this Adobe document for the name of the AutoAnalyser executable:

          http://help.adobe.com/en_US/elementsorganizer/using/WSeffff8bffc80208455b8a63d13175a0c394- 8000.html


          In Windows, ensure that that executable is not in your Startup folder, or set to run when Windows starts.



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            Spot23 Level 1

            Thanks Ken

            but re sync it is not listed in edit>preferences.

            did disable auto analyser and people recognition but only by going back to default setup.

            Catalog manager still greyed out so unable to optimise.Not certain where startup manager is but looked in the Norton startup task manager there

            are various adobe programe names but not executable.

            By the way even withauto analyzer disabled the catalog is still churning away on thumb nails and never stops even after leaving the program open over night.

            still stuck is photomechanic a better organiser?

            thanks for help anyway


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              photodrawken Level 5

              How many images do you have?  There's no way around letting the Organizer finish generating its thumbnails.



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                Spot23 Level 1

                Thanks for the response and sorry for the delay in responding but have been away.


                I have about 10000 images but the thumb nails have been churning over for the last couple of weeks and never stop. I must have left elements 9 organiser open for about a week none stop and still going.


                I have noticed in the catalog that the sections re optimise etc are greyed out in accessible by all users and current users as well as custom but when I go into convert it mentions elements 8 catalog even though I am running 9.


                Having converted the optimise has not become active so I will now see what happens.





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                  Spot23 Level 1

                  Hi Ken


                  Have converted and optimised and lost 99.9% of my old catalog.  Any way of getting them back?



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                    photodrawken Level 5

                    No, but now I'm completely confused as to what you're trying to do and what you did.


                    Start at the beginning and tell us step-by-step what's happening.



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                      Spot23 Level 1

                      Hi Ken


                      Thanks for your patience.


                      The problem I have is with elements 9 Catalog.


                      Approximately 3 months ago the catalog stop displaying when new photos were added. Up to that point and still existing are thumb nails fully open even if the smallest setting was used.


                      Now the thumb nails take a long time to open, will only open approximately 5 across. After that the Thumb nail just shows a jagged line across and never opens. If you scroll up and down the catalog the thumb nails do not stay open. (they still do so in the older parts of the catalog).


                      Selecting the photos when they are open and dragging them into the photo mail section results in the thumb nails closing and a jagged line appearing in place. Trying to send a photo mail is impossible as elements just closes down altogether with Microsoft message saying it is looking for a solution.


                      That’s my problem.


                      The Sand timer symbol of the catalog thumb nails constantly generating thumb nails.


                      I have been able to disable the auto analyser.




                      I have tried to optimise the catalog by going to file>catalog> Optimise but the area is greyed out.


                      While in the catalog box I tried to get the greyed out boxes working by selecting convert which has happened. This however has brought into the dialog box a reference to elements 8.


                      On conversion this brought 10 thumb nails in under a new catalog my catalog 1. I have now found that I have also my catalog containing my original catalog so I have solved that part of the problem.


                      I hope I have made some sense. I have found that elements ( was flaky before I upgraded to windows 7 64 bit but put this down to too little ram (3) by going to 64bit I have 16 ram now. But elements is failing me.


                      Any help appreciated as I am starting an OU course on digital photography this month and may have to re install windows 8 as this is the course version but would prefer if I could continue with 9



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                        photodrawken Level 5

                        Hi Malc,


                        OK, as I understand it, you're running PSE9 and when you open the Organizer you can see all the thumbnails from 3 months (and earlier) but any images added after that are not displaying.  The Organizer is constantly trying to generate the thumbnails for the newer images.  Do I have it right?


                        If so, I haven't come across that before, so I don't have a answer.  Unless someone else here has a suggestion, I think this problem will have to be addressed by Adobe tech support.  Sorry.




                        P.S.,  When you're in the Catalog Manager window, you first have to select your catalog in the bottom section for the "Repair" and "Optimize" buttons to become enabled.


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                          Spot23 Level 1

                          Hi Ken


                          Yes you have it right


                          Thanks for your assistance I will try Tech support and see if they will respond.


                          Thanks again