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    Can someone explain how to download an older version of Flash?*


      I recently purchased a PC game by PlayFirst. Install went quickly, normally, and nothing unusual came up.  I double clicked (later tried through start menu with same results) the desktop icon and this came up, which it should:

      First Screen.jpg

      So, I push 'play' and recieve this screen:

      Second Screen.jpg


      I looked at the PlayFirst website, and the only advice I could find on it was that some users encountered an error and this was probably due to the newer version of Flash.  So, I went to download the 9th version of Flash, which they said to do, but the problem it, I have no idea how to download it.

      Adobe gives no advice {that I can find} and I'm not very experienced in this type of thing. 


      Here is the readme file that came with the download (hoping this works, because, like I said, new to this type of thing):




      And here is a shot of the folders contained in the download:

      Third Screen.jpg


      If anyone knows how to install this, or could tell me what I am doing wrong, I would really appreciate it!


      And I did uninstall the previous flash version.  I used the downloaded uninstaller from Adobe's site.