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    AE CS5.5 Trial not showing all export options

    Mynka Doll

      I recently downloaded the trial to give it a shot on a project for school I'm working on currently but I've run into an issue.  From what I've seen this version is supposed to have full export functions but the only types I'm given on my menus are Adobe project files. Is there an additional update to download that I could possibly be missing?  I've used the update menu item which downloaded a codec update and a couple of others but I'm still unable to export.  I plan on picking up the new version with student loans next semester but right now I'm working on a project I've edited in Final Cut and exported as a .mov and I need to burn this to a DVD after the effects are added but I cannot.  Any suggestions other then downloading Premier as well?  I'm in a bit of a time crunch so I was trying to avoid teaching myself 2 new programs but if that will fix my problem I might.  I just don't want to download and install the whole thing just to find that I'm still unable to add these effects and burn my project or save in a format I could pull in to FCP.  Thanks!