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    InDesign CS5 -- selection frame offset from contents


      Hi all,


      A vexing little problem popped up out of nowhere today: In one particular document, it appears that all content (text, fills, etc) is offset about 1/10" above and to the left of the selection frame. Or vice versa, depending on your point of reference.




      The problem does not appear when display quality is set to Typical. I usually work in High Quality, where it tends to appear after changing pages a few times. I haven't thoroughly tested yet to see if this occurs in other documents; at first glance it didn't.


      Machine has been rebooted, preferences have been trashed. I've done a Save As, but the problem occurs in the new version as well. I'll try an IDML export next.


      I'm running CS5 (7.0.4) on Lion (10.7.3). No recent changes to the system, tons of RAM.


      I've seen a couple of other mentions of this problem, but haven't seen any solutions. Any thoughts?




      - Jeff