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    Order Management


      Hi Guys,


      I am really new to BC and currently trying to better understand the offering to see if it meets my needs. Can you please provide me with some insight based on your experence using BC.

      I plan to build a order management system where clients can securely log in and place respective orders (Populating  verious fields) - But heres the catch, I need these orders approved by a few people before the item is submitted to a 2nd application. The flow will be as follows [client 1][User1]Capture + [client 1][User2]Authorise + [client 2][User1]Authorise and [client 2][User2]Authorise   ====> then this should push the order down into a different system using MQ.


      The Authorisation flow needs to be flexible - is this possible using BC? Hope I was clear.... the 2nd question is what API's does BC Support?



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          Brent - BCGurus.com

          Hi KreasenGP,


          BC has a "workflow" system that allows you to move a "case" along a series of roles by "approving" each step to the next. Cases come through by submitting web forms - so this would be where your first step of the workflow would be initiated. Workflows process through email notifications to admin users.


          I think I understand your workflow process, but am not entirely sure what it means when you go from client 1 to client 2...are you saying that an end-customer is a part of the workflow process? This part is a little more tricky to do with BC since your website users cannot approve a workflow step.


          You can build as many steps into the workflow process. I recommend that you create a free trial of BC and experiment with Web Forms, Cases, and Workflows to see if you can work out the specific steps you are trying to achieve. Building prototypes with BC is one of the very enjoyable parts of the process since its so easy to build with. Doing a little work up front can save lots of time and tell you if BC is the right fit for your situation.


          On the API side, you can work with BC's data - customers, cases, orders, and the filesystem are the main APIs.


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            I am little newbie for detailed infos of any system but I would like to recommend the best order management system and I hope it will related here for you all.