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    How do I determine which text fields contain data?


      Although this is a sad testament to my programming skills, I have little shame since I only do this kind of thing perhaps once every two or three years.  I’m using FormCalc (mainly b/c I’m still learning Javascript and this form had already been written in FormCalc). 


      Here is the problem:


      I have three text fields (Textfield1, Textfield2, Textfield3). 

      I created three variables (var1, var2, var3) and initialized them to 0.


      In order to determine how many of the fields contain data, I used if/then/else statements:


      if (Textfield1.rawValue == “”) then

           var1 =0





      Textfield2 and Textfield3 have similar statements (using variables var2 and var3 respectively).


      To test the code, I have a message box returning the sum of var1 + var2 + var3.  With NOTHING entered into any of the text fields, I would expect it to return a sum of 0, but it returns a sum of 3!  If I enter data into just one or two of the fields, again it returns a value of 3!


      I’ve tried initializing the value of the Textfields (Textfield1.rawValue=””), but I still keep getting a value of 3. 


      It's probably a simple programming error, but again I'm not a developer.  Any help would be appreciated.