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    Loading times web view / html5 animations / edge hype




      I have been working with iPad publishing software quite a while now and have experienced Woodwing as well as DPS. I have come across an issue  with DPS which I can't find a solution for. When creating web view content, I mean either normal websites or Html5 animations the loading times with DPS are to long and there is the issue of the spinning loading.gif.


      Is there some way to speed up the loading time for everything which is loaded within the web view window? How would I for example speed up the time to load animations from Edge or from Hype?


      From my point of view this is a crucial thing to be solved.


      Also I know from working with Woodwing that they solved that issue and things regarding the loading time of web content/animations are running a lot smoother. ( and no I can't  just use Woodwing I need to solve this with DPS )


      Solutions welcome and info on when stuff like this will be solved as well.


      Thank you,