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    Problem with MP4 output

    sales@marketmagic.com Community Member

      The quicktime export works fine with Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 11. However the MP4 output which imports into Avid Studio crashes the Sony product. Original files are from Nikon D7000 and Olympus E-PL1.  I'm running windows 64 Bit 7, 16 Gig's of memory, and 3 Tbytes free storage.

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          PECourtejoie ACP

          Hello, before someone chimes in with a technical answer, please change your username to something else than an email address to avoid spam.


          Could you share the settings you used for MP4?

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            sales@marketmagic.com Community Member

            I changed my user name but it doesn't change on the original post.


            I was changing from 24P (D7000) to YouTube 720P. Funny thing is after I process it to out put in Avid Studio at the same 720P settings Vegas imports it perfectly. I tried 1080i and the same thing happens.

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              sales@marketmagic.com Community Member

              Ok, I've found the problem. I use three cameras, A Canon HF100, Olympus E-PL1, and and Nikon D7000. CS6 handles the 720 files from these cameras and the 1080I from the HF100 properly. It handles the 1920 files from the D7000 differently. When I try to output to Youtube 720 using the 1080P (B frame 1920 x 1080) files that's what causes Vegas to crash. When I just re-output to the same HD (1920 x 1080, 24 frames) Vegas opens the files. I don't know why "Avid Studio opens the 720 files that are down res from the D7000" but at this point in time my work around is to just change what I want to in CS6 at the 1080 P from the D7000 and re-res it in Vegas.

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                PECourtejoie ACP

                Hi, I still see your email username, What do you want to change it to?


                Could you re-explain, it's when you output with a youtube profile that vegas crashes, but when you output to harddrive with the same settings, it works?

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                  sales@marketmagic.com Community Member

                  I’ve narrowed down the issue to the 1080P 24 frames from the Nikon D7000. When I render a Nikon 1080P 24 frame file (I use files that are 20 seconds long to test) to an MP4 file in Photoshop that is where the problem lies.  Taking those files and importing them into Vegas Movie Studio HD 11 (build 322) crashes Vegas. I can import those files into avid studio and then import them into vegas with no problem. If I output the same file again in photoshop as a quicktime HD they import into Vegas perfectly. The problem must be in the way the Nikon 1080 P 24 FPS files are changed in photoshop when rendered out of photoshop as an MP4 (either as 1080 or 720). The 720 P files from the Nikon render fine in Photoshop and import correctly into Vegas.




                  My guess is that the 1080P 24 FPS from the Nikon use a “B” frame encoding and somehow the rendering in Photoshop does something that Vegas doesn’t like. It’s funny that Avid Studio (which I don’t use often) recognizes the 1080P 24 FPS rendered in Photoshop as MP4 (either as 720P or 1080P) fine.  I don’t know if this issue appears in Vegas PRO but if so I think its an issue you might want to explore.




                  I guess you can change my user name to D7K, don’t know why when I changed it in my profile it did not show on the posts new to this thread.




                  Thank you for your help on this issue.

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                    sales@marketmagic.com Community Member

                    I downloaded the CineForm CodeX and for some reason the files are now able to open. Don’t know if that was the fix or if when I rebooted over night that fixed it. Weird.

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                      Pete.Green Adobe Employee

                      Glad it's working for you Jeff,


                      I'm going to edit all of your posts to remove the email address from them.

                      I've also put in a request to change your username to D7K -- Hopefully we can prevent some potential spambot spam!

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                        Pete.Green Adobe Employee

                        Alright Jeff, Here is how we change your username (screen name).


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