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    Dreamweaver CS5 fatal error XML parsing: Invalid document structure, line:1, File: C:\User\Tyler\App

    tjk888 Level 1

      XML parsing fatal error: Invalid document structure, line: 1, file: C:\User\Tyler\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Dreamweaver CS5\en_US\Configureation\Workspace\Classic.xml

      I have gone through older disscussion forums and have followed the steps recommended by deleting the corrupted .xml file itself (in this case "Classic.xml") but imidiatly after when i try to open Dreamweaver again, i am prompted with the same fatal error message including the file that i have just deleted. Next i deleted the entire configure file and this did not help either.

      It is also odd that when i follow the path to find the corrupted .xml file from the prompt, the path is different in that i do not find the "Classic.xml" file through th "en_US\Configuration\Weorkspace" navigation, however i do find the corrupt "Classic.xml" file in the "configure" folder of the "Adobe Dreamweaver CS5" file.

      Im not sure what to do now and i would really like Dreamweaver back up and running so please help if you can!!!