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    Submitting to Apple 101


      Perhaps I'm dense, or perhaps I've had my head too deep in all this DPS stuff for too long, but I can't for the life of me make heads or tails of the app submission process for my multi-issue app.



      I've downloaded the publishing companion guide and read it cover to cover, but I'm still stuck.



      Are there any other resources out there that might help me figure out this part of the process? Sometimes a completely different perspective on the same subject helps me understand things. Any videos, podcasts, articles? Anything?





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          fetopher Level 1

          I think I made it over my mental hurdle. My issue was hierarchy of bundle IDs. For the future, if anyone struggles with the same, it needs to be, as an example:



          App bundle ID: com.companyname.appname

          Free preview ID: com.companyname.appname.free

          Retail issue ID: com.companyname.appname.retail



          Issues weren't showing up correctly when I had my app bundle ID as com.companyname.appname.x