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    TTS price for small company


      Hi everyone,


      As a small company, I may not be the only one facing this situation and I would like to get your feedback on this.


      My main job is an IT teacher but I also have my company on the side which I use to develop interactive content with Adobe Captivate.  Most of my clients have an interest in the TTS part of the software.  Everything so far is good and I enjoy developing with the software.


      The problem is, as a small company (mostly myself), if I need to include the TTS for resale, I need to pay the same price as everyone else.  Most of the Website I have visited so far are not selling their product for cheap (1500 - 5000$) just to get one TTS voice.  The cheapest I have found is Inova for ~700 +tx with an annual subscription.


      So I ask myself, what would you guys suggest me to do to get a decent TTS (French) that I can embed in captivate for resale ? I don't have the budget of a major company to pay that much for a TTS voice.



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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm a bit puzzled by your question.


          If you are just creating courseware for clients using Captivate, and you're using TTS voices in the content, you do NOT need to sell your clients licenses to the TTS voices so that they can listen to your courses.


          If your clients don't use Captivate, there's really no point in them buying TTS voices.  How would they use these voices when the only way they will work is when embedded into Captivate?

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            MTLKev Level 1

            OK, its probably just me not having complete understanding on how TTS resale works within a published captivate project..


            I was informed that I need to purchase a commercial TTS voice if I sell the file (Output file / SCORM) that includes TTS in it. 


            Does that mean I can buy a personal TTS voice license for my company, add it to all my captivate projects, publish it to SCORM format, sell the courseware to my clients and still be legit ?


            Just want to be sure


            Thanks for your help.

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              RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              YOU as the Captivate developer would definitely need to have a TTS voice license in order to CREATE the courseware in the first place. But your clients that purchase the courseware from you do not need to each also purchase TTS voice licenses.


              As far as I am aware, if you purchased your Captivate license, then you have full rights to create courseware using any of the TTS voices that come with that license.

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                MTLKev Level 1

                Wonderful, thanks a lot for your quick reply Rod.  I do use the french (TTS) already from the captivate package and you answered that part without me even asking


                Now I know that I need to buy a commercial license only for my company if I want to use something else than those included in the original package.


                Thanks a lot once again