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    Need pointed advice regarding publishing a .folio every other quarter...


      Hello All,


      I have read many of the threads regarding publishing .folio files to an ipad. I understand that sideloading through iTunes is no longer available and have come to terms with the fact that this will cost some money.


      What I need to do...


      1. Create a .folio in order to use with a small business development force (6 people).

      2. Need to get buy-in from the president and key stakeholders of our company by showing them "proof of concept" on an iPad.

      3. Need to update the content of this .folio every 3-6 months

      4. Is it possible to get an expanded Acrobat Account and just use this? Will I need an internet conection everytime I want to view a .folio file?


      My concern is that i can preview the .folio through indesign on my desktop. However, is there live proofing that can be done on the iPad yet? As I understand it, Adobe Content Viewer does not support previewing (still looking to see if the update has come along and solved this Mr. Levine) .folio files at this time.




      I understand that previewing through InDesign is the first step. However, usability issues on the iPad, and the (Desktop iPad simulator) may be completely different. Also, there is very little chance I will be able to get buy-in from the key stakeholders at my company by having them look over my shoulder at work (I'm not that important). Also, this isn't the best way to pitch a new marketing technique-if you get my drift.


      The Single Edition may be a good fit for us. However, with traditional print design, I can create a mock-up prototype before going to press. The bread and butter of .folio is in the platform, and it will be impossible to get funded for this project without proof-of concept on an iPad.


      I'm pretty sure I know the answer to the following, but I'm crossing my fingers...Can I "update" a .folio with slightly different content or fix mistakes, or will I need to purchase another Single Edition every 3-6 months? Also, is there aditional charge from apple for publishing the material? We will not, and never intend to sell our content, so the cost is seen as overhead and will it will be difficult to prove ROI.


      Thanks for your help,