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    Unable to Open Images in Bridge CS3 and Continuing Icon issues!


      Re: Icon issues in Bridge CS3 and also with Photo Downloader that have never been there before.     

      So, these are the issues.   Just one of the folders that previously would show thumbnails now only shows DNG icons, and none will open in Photoshop to let me work on previous image.    Issue #2  - can't download images with Photo Downloaders - both my wife's Canon G9 only shows CR2 icons, and my Nikon D300 only shows NEF icons - neither of these issues had appeared before or been an issue.  Third issue.  None of my Bridge folders - even those with regular thumbnail immages- will open now - get a message that says words to the effect of Photoshop doesn't recognize this type of file.  Computer is a Mac, with OS 10.5.8


      I recently tried to make more room on HD, so must have taken some critical files/commands out by accident. 


      Thanks for your time and previous  suggestions - still not working.  I'm sure that in trying to correct things have made things even worse- as may be noticed  by the two snapshots I've attached.  The first is one from a library from my user section.  The second library image is from my hard drive.  Hopefully you and others aren't laughing or crying too much over what you see - redundantcy, etc!  All of my energies have focused on taking photos, obviously none to proper setup/use of organizing things on my Mac.  But after the laughing has stopped, any help will be tremendously appreciated - am most anxious to getting back to working with and saving images.



      "user image"


      Picture 2.png



      Hard Drive image: Picture 3.png


      Thanks in advance