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    Wavy lines in AVI when imported to After Effects


      The file I am trying to use a video file that was created in Premiere by capturing video from a DV tape and rendered in Adobe Encoder as a compressed AVI. The AVI looks just fine until it is imported into After Effects.



      This is a good example of what the lines look like most notable are the lines near the net, the top of the net and the far side line. This is actually a shot from Premiere, when this image is displayed (smaller size) here it is doing the same thing I see in After Effects.  I am assuming there is a problem in the settings when I create the AVI and how the After Effects project is configured. The problem is I know next to nothing about After Effects and only slightly more about Premiere. If some one could give me some direction (as detailed as possible the better) as to what might be causing this and how I can correct it, that would be fantasctic


      The picture below is a screen shot from After Effect