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    Icon issues in Bridge CS3 and also with Photo Downloader that have never been there before.


      Having two major problems.  Until recently, all of my Bridge folders opened up with regular thumbnails, then recently one folder opened up with only DNG icons that had previously been regular thumbnails.  I then went to download images from my  wife's camera - a Canon Powershot G9 and only came up with CR2 icons on the Photo Downloader, then when trying to download images from my Nikon D300, had NEF icons.  Neither of these problems had occurred before.  I had recently tried to make more space on hard drive by eliminating a file/command I had read about - a Blobs.MYD.  Not sure if that started the problem.  Have tried reinstalling Photoshop CS3  and updated Camera Raw (4.6) but not sure if I put it in right location.  Probably have goofed up a ton of stuff, so not sure how to clean up my big mess.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Have tried to purge cache, reset things, etc.  all to no avail!  Thanks in advance for any help.  I am not a techie, so need really specific instructions/guidance!