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    Crash Reports To Adobe: But not for Windows

    Bandalier Community Member

      I'm getting one to two good crashes a day in CS6 and see that Adobe would like us to report them.  The problem is there is really nothing special or repeatable that made it crash so the reason might be in a log somewhere.


      After reading the Adobe Crash Report instructions it appears they are only interesting in Mac crashes and give no instructions on how to upload Windows logs.  There is even a Mac Crash App called the Reporter!



      I have logged several issues but not logged any crashes as there is no other useful info I can currently provide other than "I hit the save dialogue box".  Photoshop CS6 just appears to collapse for no apparent reason at different times and we have to tools to troubleshoot or report it.  How does Adobe want us to report Windows crashes?

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          HowardPinsky ACP

          All crash logs help the engineers pinpoint potential issues. Try to be as specific as you can in the reports. While it might seem like you were doing something 'standard' before the crash, it may all link back to an underlying issue, like the GPU.


          On a side note, make sure Windows and your graphic card drivers and are completely up to date. That may help reduce crashes.

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            Pattie F Adobe Employee

            For starters, copy the text from the window that appears when "photoshop has stopped working" and says it will close. Paste that information, your system information (found in photoshop help>system info) and  instructions as to what you were doing just before the crash. Restart Photoshop and try to reproduce the problem. If we can reproduce the crash, we can debug here. If we need any additional files from you, we will let you kow. Sometimes including the file that was used when it crashed is helpful, which you can send us a link to or we can email by private message.



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              Curt Y Community Member

              If you access the Event Log click on the Application Tab and look for any Error Enties.


              If you see one with Source Application Error click on it and look for faullting module path line.

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                Chris Cox Adobe Employee

                On MacOS, Apple doesn't want to share crash reports - so we have a separate report dialog where we can ask for more info.


                On Windows, Microsoft shares their crash report data with us. (not an easy process, and we don't get user comments or email addresses, but they do share) Thus, no need for instructions.