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    Flash DVD CS5.5 First play menu works submenus will not launch chapters

    kfs1 Level 1

      I have created a DVD project and the standard DVD menus work perfectly. The project is based on a single AVI file with Chapter markers. When I check the project for errors I do get one error the end action for the main time line will not execute because of the end result of the last chapter. Both have the same action to perform so this is not really an issue it seems to me.

      As I said the actual DVD menus work exactly as they should. There is a main menu, Section menu, and a scene menu. The first play menu is actually the Selection menu. If I select the scene menu everything initially looks good the button highlight but if I activate button, they do nothing.


      I was hoping some one might have an idea what I could be doing wrong in creating the menus or does the Flash menus not support multiple menus possibly?


      FYI: the menus are motion menus,