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    Alternating sides for chapter footers using master pages

    Martin S... Level 1

      Hi, I am trying to create a pdf book with chapter 1 titles appearing in all footers on the left page (in chapter 1), and chapter 2 titles in footers on all right pages (in chapter 2). So far I only have one master page, a two-page master with text frames on both pages. After I made this master, I dropped my text in and it autoflowed. I then made a second master page, based on A-master called B-chapter 2, with section markers on the right side instead of the left. I then applied this master to the relevant pages, and it looked fine. However, now that I've done this, I no longer have control over the text frames in chapter 2 using the master pages. What have I done wrong? I would like to have layout as described, but still be able to adjust the size of all text frames in all chapters, by using the master page text frames. Is this possible? Basically I want to alternate the side section titles appear on, but retain control of the text frames via master pages. Appreciate any thoughts.