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    InDesign color management workflow help

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      I recently had to create a 60 page color booklet for a University on a very tight schedule. The booklet was to be printed to press. I was not given any specifics as to the output specifics.


      So, I was creating vector graphics in Illustrator as CMYK, and importing them in InDesign. And receieving e-mail with bitmat images in formats from JPG, TIFF, PDF, PNG. and I would place them directly into InDesign. If I had to do any photoshoping of a picture, I would conver the sRGB original to CMYK.


      I have been reading discussion about color management workflow. But I am still not clear what I should have been doing with the roughly 100 image files sent me to be in the booklet?


      Somewhere I read the way I did it was okay, as long as I let InDesign handle image conversion on the output? Is this correct? When I went to make my Package for the printer, I did get the Triangle "warning" that some images were sRGB. The PDFs looked great.


      What should I have done as all these images came in? It was a crazy deadline. I can't imagine having to open every image in Photoshop -Convert to CMYK-Adjust colors and resave and import?


      And what do you do if you don't know the specific output printer? I default to SWOP.


      So, will InDesign, convert any incorrect (sRGB etc) images on the final output to the proper colorspace to be printed properly?