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    Expandable Table Need to Sum Different Cost Centers


      I am trying to complete a mileage reimbursement form. I think I have a good design (?) but I am missing a critical efficiency within the form. I want the form to be able to calculate the cost centers across the expandable table within the subform. I have a dropdown that has different cost centers. How would I be able to sum like cost centers within the expandable table? Can I populate another table with just the totals for a particular cost center by calculation? I would need this for all cost centers This would help out the accounting department as the mulitple cost centers would be added.


      My first page is expandable to accomodate multiple rows and has a page total and a grand total that floats if more rows are needed. My second page is more or less just for accounting I have a seperate table that right now is manually completed. The clerk has to printout the form and then manually add each cost center and then add it to the table on the second page.


      I have tried to just use a numeric field on the second page attempting to get the calculations based of the test entry in the cost center of Edit. It only places the data of the first entry and does not cycle through and capture all cost centers in the expandable table that are Edit. Any help in the code and ideas on how to present the total in a new table would be greatly appreciated.I am a beginner at this and am trying to learn and complete this on my own but I am not sure what to do. Attached is my form.