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    iPad ACV Video Bug?


      Sooo.. I have been through this with a bunch of people and steered them right, but I just proved out something I thought I should share.  I know if you have poorly encoded vdeio or too large (pixelwise) you will get an error for "internet conection, blah, blah, blah"  But I have used a folio for about 5 days on the iPad with no updates or changes completely error free.  Then all of a sudden, I will get that same error on a vid, and then another and another, almost a cascading failure.  If I quit ACV.  reboot the pad, and start from scratch I am good for a number of days, and then it will go down hill.  It almost sounds like a memory leak.  Anyway, thought I should share and see if anyone else is experiencing this.  I realize there are many having problems with poor encoding or too large, but I hadn't seen this one yet.  Just to clarify, this is the ACV from the app store, not a custom build.

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          I've been having this problem, but with large (pixel wise) images - we were working fine for a few days then all of a sudden all hell broke loose, certain interactivity won't work and images don't completely load - only happens with a certain few though but my assumption, like yours is that there's a memory leak at the 3 just can't handle what we're trying to push on it!