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    Free CS6 upgrade for student master collection at $599?


      Our school sells the Master Collection for $599 (currently CS5.5).  I would like to buy it and the school staff assures me that I'd get the free upgrade to CS6 if I bought it now.  However, that price (which they've had for awhile now, and is not listed as a special or sale price for them) seems to be less than the normal educational price for the Master Collection.  They say the price will go up when they have CS6 to sell.


      The adobe upgrade policy says that the following are invalid: "Receipts showing a product price that is discounted more than 25% off the Adobe retail or educational price (some product exceptions apply)"


      What is the regular educational price for the CS5.5 Master Collection and does a purchase now at my school qualify for the free upgrade to CS6 Master Collection when it is released?  The price listed on the adobe site for CS6 Master Collection is $799, which would make our school's price 25.03% off that.


      I want to buy now but want to be sure to qualify for the discount.


      2nd question: if this is eligible for the upgrade, can I buy the Mac version and then switch to the PC version later?  Our school is out of stock on the PC collection and won't get any in until May 4th.  (which is cutting it very close to cutoff date for eligibility on upgrades).