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    Positioning with CSS

    BcSurvivor08 Level 1

      I cant seem to get css to position things without many hours of headaches.... please help:


      This first link is the page I am trying to build in Dreamweaver.

      1 - I want the three links that are in the banner <div> to be closer together so that they fit within the white area

      2 - I want the container <div> to have a white background all the way until I close it


      As you can see here: http://www.healthquestpt.com/hpc/ it aint happening.  The css file is here: http://www.healthquestpt.com/hpc/css/styles.css


      I also cant figure out how to get the text to display like I want it without a table....I dont know why everyone is against tables now, but I assume there's a good reason so I tried to do it without and after 2 hours, I spent 3 minutes doing a table.   So any instructions for this is appreciated as well.




      When this page is done I want it to look like this:  http://www.healthquestpt.com/homephysiciancare/