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    cs6 fonts where is the folder?


      just a simple question with cs6 without going in to window fonts folder i see no other folder to put fonts.in cs5 it was c/common files adobe/fonts what about cs6 i dont see this anymore.

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          Mollysnoot Community Member

          Photoshop just uses the system fonts, so if you have a new font you wish to use in PS, install it in Windows and it will appear in the font list in PS (although you'd need to re-start it if it's running when you install a new font).


          The common files/adobe/fonts folder you mention isn't the place to put new fonts; I'm no programmer, but I think it contains components needed by PS to work with system fonts (but I'm sure some expert on here will correct me).



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            Pattie F Adobe Employee

            You can store your personal fonts in windows in any folder and install them from there, but PS will only look at the fonts that are installed on the system.