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    RamezAbiad Community Member




      I pressed publish then signing in to adobe business catalyst  appeared I pressed the x button another dialogue box appeared asking for  password and email address (adobe ID) I press cancel then those two errors  appear then Muse shuts down.



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          Colby Ausen Adobe Employee

          Does this happen every time you try to publish? Does it happen with a specific site?

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            RamezAbiad Community Member

            It happens when I press publish by mistake and press the x button I get this error and the app shuts down.  I just tried it from on a different computer and same happened. press publish and directly press the x button. 

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              TS-Rohit Adobe Employee

              The error is returned stopping the process of signing in to Business Catalyst after you click on Publish. Please let the process complete and then you can click on Cancel button when next dialogue box appears. If you stop in the middle of signing in and the Muse application is shutdown, restarting Muse application will give you a prompt -> http://screencast.com/t/cD3Zi4Ec. Please click on Yes to continue without any loss.

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                Colby Ausen Adobe Employee

                This is a bug that has been fixed in future versions. For now, please avoid canceling before the sign-in is complete.