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    Problem importing a FXG file from Catalyst

    JonaTec1 Newcomer



      I have Catalyst CS5.5 and now Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 Extended, both 64bit.


      I am trying "roundtrip" a Catalyst saved FXG file into Photoshop, but get this error:




      Any ideas please ?

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          Silkrooster Ninja

          Probably because photoshop does not support that format. When you use the open dialog box in photoshop, you can look at all the formats that are supported in the drop down box at the bottom of the dialog box.

          To my knowedge that format is only supported in flash abd catalyst. (Not sure about flex or after effects)

          But catalyst and photoshop both support the psd file format. So in flash export your images as psd then use that format for the go between for catalyst and photoshop if needed. If the graphics are not done yet, then start in photoshop and import into catalyst.


          That being said, I don't know if any plug in exists for the fxg format for photoshop, but it may be possible.

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            Silkrooster Ninja

            Quick update. I did find out that Adobe illustrator supports the fxg format.

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              Mylenium Legend

              As Silkrooster said, PS doesn't support it. FXG is a conatiner format, anyway. It would be impossible for PS to support features like Flash vectors, CSS formatting or embedded scripts. If you need to work on the pixel data, simply use PNGs or PSD exported from your other apps.



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                JonaTec1 Newcomer

                Thanks for a very comprehensive answer. Can you advise further ?


                I think the wireframe capability in Catalyst is fantastic. Is there a way I can create wireframes in Catalyst, then slice out the areas to craft into HTML DIVs etc ?


                I had always used Photoshop for this, create the page with or without the art work, Save for Web, optimise the images, then work on the resultant HTML, but with Catalyst I can create wireframes much quicker. Is this the wrong tool for what I want to do?



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                  Silkrooster Ninja

                  If you prefer catalyst, then there really isn't anything stopping you, you just have to use psd files not fxg for your artwork. I am kind of curious as to what you mean by wireframe, I am thinking your meaning and mine are two different things. As my background is more 3D.

                  Maybe post a small mock up of what your doing and someone can advise on an easier way, or just say keep on going...

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                    JonaTec1 Newcomer



                    A website wireframe, also known as a page schematic or screen blueprint, is a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a website.


                    This is an initial process to web design and may or may not include artwork, symbols will represent HTML elements such as buttons, tables, drop-down lists etc., and an image may just be represented by a box with a cross in it. The idea is that the wireframe is used as part of a walkthrough with the user community and elements can easily be moved around and changed and that's the key when using wireframes - rapid change of content. Once the basic layout requirement has been ratified and agreed, then I usually craft the pages using Photoshop, this time I will have the artwork available to me. Once the PSD is complete I then slice each image and section area, Save for Web to optimise the images and PS produces the HTML. I then edit the HTML and replace any HTML table tags with DIVs for W3C compliance.


                    It's just that the initial wireframing process using PS is ok but a little tedious compared with Catalyst. I was looking for a way to create in Catalyst, then perhaps save as a PNG/PSD file to roundtrip in Photoshop, but in Catalyst I don't see an option to save in these formats. Any advice ?

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                      Silkrooster Ninja

                      I don't believe there is a way to export from catalyst in the manner your speaking.  Think of it the same as you would with illustrator files being imported into photoshop as a smart object. That creates the link that allows you to bring up the same illustration in illustrator.

                      Thats kind of what happens in catalyst, though you can start with a photoshop file, instead of copy/paste to create that link.

                      I beleive the main reason why catalyst does not have export features, is that it is meant for generating flash content in a web page.


                      I did some quick tests, and I did find out that if you import an image or you rasterize a shape, you can then use the edit in photoshop command under the modify menu.


                      Do to the work your doing, I recommend that you look at illustrator and/or fireworks to help streamline your process. Because your process involves html rather than flash, you may want to think about dreamweaver. However, you also may want to hold out for CS6 as flash will have more features for creating html/css/javascript.


                      My advice above is based on CS5.0 so I may not being seeing some of the html features that the newer version are suppose to have/get.

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                        JonaTec1 Newcomer

                        Thanks again, very useful.


                        For the time being my approach will be to:

                        • Use Catalyst to produce wireframes.
                        • Publish from Catalyst a SWF file to a remote server, distribute the link to key users for approval.
                        • Once design basics are approved, use Photoshop to create page layout using company artwork and content etc using Catalyst wireframe as a basis.
                        • From Photoshop slice each required layer, the Save for Web, optimising images etc.


                        However I dod have another Q, if you don't mind, you mentioned Illustrator, what are the benefits of using Illustrator over Photoshop for what I want to achieve?