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    Re: Illustrator CS5 won't even OPEN (branched: Suitcase)


      Here is a link to crash report.  It seems like I also have the same problem.  I uninstalled, reinstalled, cleared preference file, cleared font cache, but none of them seems to work. Other adobe app works fine but illustrator crashes when the application is started.  It used to work fine before but I have no idea what changed or what is causing this...



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          Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Try disabling the Suitcase and try starting AI again.

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            John Hawkinson Level 5

            (I've branched this thread to a new discussion, because itis definitely not the "same problem." Unfortunately it didn't bring Jacob's reply so maybe that wasn't such a good plan. Oh well...)


            Larry is absolutely correct. This indicates:


            Application Specific Information:

            *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: 'launch path not accessible'

            *** Call stack at first throw:


            0   CoreFoundation                      0x0766b6ca __raiseError + 410

            1   libobjc.A.dylib                     0x074e05a9 objc_exception_throw + 56

            2   CoreFoundation                      0x0766b3f8 +[NSException raise:format:arguments:] + 136

            3   CoreFoundation                      0x0766b36a +[NSException raise:format:] + 58

            4   Foundation                          0x085f9795 -[NSConcreteTask launchWithDictionary:] + 487

            5   Foundation                          0x08637581 +[NSTask launchedTaskWithLaunchPath:arguments:] + 251

            6   ExtensisFontManagementAICS5         0x1a5cff95 _Z19FindAndLaunchFMCorePSs + 651



            that Extensis Suitcase Fusion generated the crash trying to launch it's FMCore component. Check for updates and then contact Extensis Support.