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    Camera Raw Default

    Light_In Community Member

      I am enjoying the one click option to return to Default settings but this option only exsists in a few places.


      Simple example: On the Basic tab, if I adjust Exposure, Contrast and Blacks, I can click the Default option and return all of those settings back to zero. This option does not apply to the Clarity, Vibrance and Saturation.


      The same is true on a few of the other tabs and functions in CR.





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          Trevor.Dennis MVP

          There are quite a few keyboard shortcuts for ACR.  Anything useful hidden in these?



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            Light_In Community Member

            Wow, THANKS Trevor. There is sure to be something useful there!


            However, continuity in the design of the interface would be nice.

            I'm pretty savvy with quite a few Windows based software designs and most of them share the same basic UI characteristics.

            Working with software is like a language with a few dialect differences here and there.

            I am new to the Photoshop world and I'm finding this experience to be like a Brit trying to communicate with a Swamp Cajun.


            Poddon me sah, Oi am tryin to fine the Texas Road Hess Tavin.


            Hay Jimmee, da hail'dee sai?

            Yoo doofus, he triin ta git ta Tessis!

            Naw Sah, bai gum, dis heahs Lousi'ann! Dat rawd dare ill ta ya ta Tessis.

            Damn Baux, yah gahts to lissin to peepah.



            Thanks again.