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    I am finding it impossible to make a purchase from Adobe

    Leach2012 Level 1

      It used to be Quark that were problematic with software upgrades but now they have their act together and it is Adobe that are struggling.

      I phoned Adobe to get a quotation for an up grade to CS6 from CS5.5. I managed to do this successfully. But when i phoned to make the purchase my problems started. When i phone Adobe the sales person that answers the phone can not deal with my order because they didnt deal with my quote. It seems that only the sales assistant that gave me the quote can process my order and this person is never available. Four times i have been told that i will get a call from that person so that i can place my order and four times i have had to phone Adobe because nobody returns my call. Do you not want my order Adobe? Purchasing a software upgrade should be a simple process but so far i have wasted many hours and i am sick and tired with how bad Adobes customer service is.


      Simon Jones

      Leach Colour Ltd