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    Arabic text in flash cs5.5


      Hi everyone,


      I just wanted to confirm that rendering arabic text correctly (from right to left) has to be done in TLF, as I understand from the research I've done so far that it can not be done in classic mode. Also, is setting the direction to "from right to left" enough for it to be displayed correctly? I've seen some comments on people who speak Arab saying it was not displaying correctly in the final SWF. As I can not read Arab I can't really tell...


      Can anyone confirm this please?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          As far as I know the TLFTextField is the only class currently provided for native support of right to left text.  It is only supported by players that were developed concurrent with its arrival, which might account for some not seeing what they expect.  From what I have heard there are discrepancies with its performance as well, wherein if you do not need to use it, stick with the classic TextField.

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