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    pushing shadows with the 5D MK3 vs. D800

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      maybe some of you have read the fredmiranda article:




      and be suprised how much better the D800 is when pushing shadows.

      the D800 produces much cleaner images then the 5D MK3 when the shadows are pushed (the D800 shadow areas look some magnitude better in these examples).


      now some suggest part of it is because of an "issue" with lightroom:







      maybe some at adobe can have a look at it and give us some infos.



      "ACR does not do a good job with Canon RAW files. This is primarily because they don't use optimal coefficient for individual color channels during demosaic. This causes the unusually high color noise in the output. The grain is also too large and intrusive in subsequent processing.

      The FPN comes from the sensor itself however its amplitude is exaggerated by ACR kernel. Here is an examples....


      i do have some issues with the grain from LR myself (canon 5D MK2, 50D, 550D).

      not color noise so much (i mostly shoot at iso 100-400) but i often think the grain is to big.
      DPP looks different and often more pleasing to my eye.... unfortunately DPP lacks in workflow.