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    Crash message question


      I imported a 34:33 video clip I ripped using Handbrake from a user made DVD.  The video seems to import correctly into Premiere CS5.  When I drag the clip into the source box Premiere crashes after giving this error message: [/Scully64/shared/adobe/MediaCore/ASL/Foundation/Make/Mac/../../Src/Timecode.cpp-1077]  Is this a settings issue?  Any ideas?

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          Charles VW Adobe Employee

          That error happens when someone tries to pass down a timecode value or a framerate value that is invalid (i.e. 0 fps).  Are you on Mac or Win.  It would be nice to see the full crash stack.  Are you able to post the original media file somewhere such that we can test locally?

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            LSU_jdm59 Community Member

            I'm using Mac OSX 10.7.3.  Here is info on the video file:  MP4  532.8MB  640x480  Codecs: H.264,AAC  Color profile: SD(6-1-6)  Duration: 28:35  Audio channels: 2  Total bit rate: 2,480

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              LSU_jdm59 Community Member

              Is there a way to copy and paste the full crash stack?

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                Jeff Bellune ACP

                I'm a PC guy so I can't help with the copy/paste on a Mac, but if you figure out how to do it, please PM Charles with the stack and don't post it here.  A full crash stack makes the topic unreadable for everyone else.  Thanks.



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                  LSU_jdm59 Community Member

                  Copying the crash log was simple, clicked the report button after the crash.  Perhaps I could change a setting in Handbrake and re-rip the DVD?  The framerate should be 29.97.  The ripped video will play fine.

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                    LSU_jdm59 Community Member

                    The mp4 I am tryiing to import and use in Premiere plays fine on Quicktime.  It's a 35 minute video and evidently it's too big to fit on my dropbox account.


                    Wouldn't an invalid timecode or framerate in the source video cause an error and not play in Quicktime?  Charles won't be looking into it until Tuesday so anyone else please feel free to help out.  Input is appreciated as I am on a deadline.


                    I used handbrake to rip the DVD and save as an mp4.  There are some framerate settings I can change.  I used variable framerate (as opposed to constant framerate) and set it "same as source" (which I believe is 29.97 NTSC). I am now converting the video with "constant framerate" checked.

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                      Jon Chappell Community Member

                      Any chance you could PM the crash log to me too? I'd be interested to see it.