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    Link anchor into sprytabbedpanels

    thierry.dehove Level 1

      Hi Guys


      for this site http://www.villasinparadise.com/villapricelist.htm

      I have built tabs with this extension and for each villas, I would like to give the possibility to come back to the previous tab


      for example for this villa into 2 beds http://www.villasinparadise.com/agora.htm

      I have built a link on the top left to come back and the code is <a href="http://www.villasinparadise.com/villapricelist.htm#twobed" onClick="TabbedPanels1.showPanel(2); return false;">Go Back to Two Bedroom Villas</a> but it's not working


      the code for my Two Bedroom Villas is <li class="TabbedPanelsTab"><strong><a name="twobed" id="twobed"></a></strong>Two Bedroom Villas</li>


      what did I miss ?

      Thanks so much for your help

      Thierrry D