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    Album sharing and saving

    viking99 Level 1

      The process of creating an album is quite straightforward and results in a nice way to organize subsets of photographs.   They are easily viewed within PSE9 and will readily sync to my iPad.    However, when I try to save one to a dvd or to a hard drive I get a very curious result.   I get a plethora of files but they aren't viewable in any logical way.    I have created a dvd and when I look at the files, explorer shows about 20 mB of files but if I look at the properties of the dvd it shows about 280 mB.    I can't seem to just click on anything on the dvd to have the album display and when I put it in the dvd player I get a very strange menu with no good choices for viewing the album.


      What I would like would be to use the album function to select the photos that I want to use but I don't need a template or any other enhancement.   I would like to keep a set of albums and put them on media players, burn cd/dvd's to give them to friends and post them to Picasa or Facebook.  


      Like everything else Adobe, this seems obtuse and non-intuitive.   Do I have the entire concept wrong?