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    weird text/image box issue

    jasontl92705 Level 1

      I've run into an issue with text boxes or images, for some reason if i select certain text or image boxes, in article A, it will open a seperat article lets say article C. Its annoying and i've tried renaming the text box, the layer and nothing seems to solve this problem. Has anyone esle run into this issue, if so is there a way to stop this from happening?


      I'm working with the latest tools v19

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying here.




          Can you be a bit more detailed?





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            jasontl92705 Level 1

            No problem, i have 12 articles in my folio.


            I need to edit a text box or 'frame' in article 3; when I select that box, in article 3, for some reason article 5 will open itself up.


            Same thing seems to happen with random image boxes as well.


            I hope that makes sense.

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              In most probabilty, I presume you are copy-pasting these boxes or frames between articles (separate indd files). It usually happens when we copy paste buttons or hyperlink frames from one article to another. In such a case, if you click on that frame or button, it'll pop-up or open the source article or indd file it was copied from. Now, if you close that file, each time you click on that button again, the source file will open up.


              So just let it stay open and don't close it till you finished working on your article, else stop copy pasting hyperlinked frames of buttons between articles.

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                jasontl92705 Level 1

                that was my thought, I came on this project with about 75% of it complete. I think the person who worked on it before was copying and pasting parts.


                its not a big issue, just annoying.


                i'll let my coworker know, not to copy and paste frames if possible.