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    What are the *REAL* Photoshop SDK event keys iOS apps can subscribe to? The js ones are broken.


      I've come up empty handed with this question after searching the internet heavily for what the proper keys are.


      The 4-character keys for Photoshop Events in the "Photoshop CS5 Scripting Guide" do not work. I basically have an iOS app connected to Photoshop running as a server and want the iOS app to be able to appropriately respond to events happening while Photoshop is used.


      So far,  I've only found (undocumented or poorly documented) keys after digging through example code that ships with the Photoshop SDK for android... never in the legitimate SDK documentation.


      These include:


      • activeViewChanged
      • currentDocumentChanged
      • newDocumentViewCreated
      • foregroundColorChanged
      • backgroundColorChanged
      • toolChanged
      • colorSettingsChanged
      • keyboardShortcutsChanged
      • preferencesChanged
      • quickMaskStateChanged
      • screenModeChanged
      • documentChanged
      • newDocumentViewCreated


      And even at that, only some of them work. I really don't want to have to poll Photoshop with a timer to see if the document has changed every second... instead it should be firing events!


      Does anyone know what the other event keys are?