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    Can someone help me step-by-step with these steps?


      I am using the Bloc Theme from YooThemes for my webpage: http://headcasesound.com/wp-content/themes/yoo_bloc_wp/images/variatio ns/stripes/page_bg_img.png


      I'm looking to fill in those 3 colors with three colors that I have designed myself.


      I used the eyedropper to pick up colors from other files and tried to fill the shapes. No matter what I've done - even using the pen tool to close in the shape the fill goes all over the whole page.Appreciate your help.


      When I fill in the colors how can I also keep the 3-D effect?



      Here was a very helpful answer, unfortunately I don't know how to proceed. PLEASE HELP!


      If you are unwilling to properly rebuild those stripes you could try to create Vector Masks, then level them with Curves Layers (and desaturate the red one with a Hue/Saturation Layer) and use Sold Color Layers set to Blend Mode Multiply.


      Thanks in advance,