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    creating website working with tables


      Hello Everyone,


      I am creating a new site and would like the following. Please see image for example. I have tried but having difficulties with the upper background and lower background images. The text content part I would like a drop shadow which I can do. 


      This is what I would like to do.


      1.  main background colour grey

      2.  add upper image background on main background,

      3.  add navigation bar and text content on upper image background with drop shadow on text content part, so the upper image background would be underneath the navigation bar and text  content area.

      4.  add bottom background image on top of text content page.


      The problem I am having is to add the navigation and text content on top of the upper image background and to add the bottom image background on top of the navigation and text content area.


      I hope i am not confusing anyone but any help would be great.


      website template.jpg


      something similar to this




      Notice the page content on top of the background with a drop shadow.