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    Publishing multi-bitrate live streams for iOS

    mrwizzer2 Level 1

      I'm having difficulties publishing multi-bitrate live streams that can be viewed on an iPad/iPhone.


      I'm running Flash Media Server 4.5, and have carefully followed Adobe's Tutorial on streaming live media (http) using hls found here:  http://help.adobe.com/en_US/flashmediaserver/devguide/WSd391de4d9c7bd609-52e437a812a3725df a0-8000.html#WS0432746db30523c21e63e3d12e8340f669-8000


      After completing the above tutorial, the video can be seen just fine on my desktop computer via the flash plug-in, but it's not working in iOS...


      When I go to what I believe to be the proper URL, (http://myflashmediaserver.net/myevent.m3u8),  I get an error message on my iPhone and iPad saying "The operation could not be completed".


      I have created two set-level manifest files (one .f4m and one .m3u8) for the live stream using the Set Level F4M/M3U8 File Generator and saved them to the WebRoot directory, but alas, no love.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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          Apoorva Arora Level 2

          What is the exact url you are using to play the stream on iOS ?

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            mrwizzer2 Level 1

            I just finished going through the short and sweet tutorial on the Adobe website "Capture, encode and stream live multi-bitrate video over HTTP to Flash and iOS", which confirmed that I seem to be doing everything right, but I'm still getting the "The operation could not be completed" error message on both iPad and iPhone.


            Grasping at straws, I'm wondering if it could have something to do with some of the "hacks" I was asked to make in the other tutorials, (which, oddly enough, weren't mentioned in the tutorial mentioned above).  Specifically:


                 • Edit FMLE config file on the Mac I'm encoding the live video on (change <streamsynchronization> from false to true)


                 • Delete/Rename the "manifest.xml" file in applications/livepkgr/events/_definst_/liveevent directory


                 • Edit "event.xml" in applications/livepkgr/events/_definst_/liveevent (change <segmentduration> from 40,000 to 16,000)


            However, I've tried running this with the above hacks as well as in their non-hacked state and am still not seeing success.


            Please advise.  Thanks!

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              mrwizzer2 Level 1

              Could someone from Adobe please confirm that the above three revisions (to the FMLE config file, the manifest.xml file, and the event.xml file) should indeed be made for proper multi-bitrate streaming, or if they should not be?  I'm confused by the inconsistency between the various Adobe-published FMS 4.5 tutorials.




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                mrwizzer2 Level 1

                Ok, I think I've got it worked out.


                By reading through a series of other threads, I found a suggestion by ShivenK (thanks!) to "delete everything uder applications/livepkgr/streams ".


                That solved my issue of no video/green video screen/distorted "banded" video. 


                So, now that things seem to be working, for those following, it appears that you DO NOT remove/rename the Manifest.xml file in place in the applications/livepkgr/events/_definst_/liveevent directory. 


                DO edit the Event.xml file as follows: <SegmentDuration>16000</SegmentDuration>     Also, be sure to rename the EventID to match your event name, (for example:  <EventID>myevent</EventID> ).


                Lastly, it seems to be working with my having edited my FMLE config file to <streamsynchronization>true</streamsynchronization>.


                Hopefully this will save some folks having similar problems some aggravation.