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    Clarity slider unveils weird purple blue... stuff... on outside of moon

    Immaculens Level 1

      I have taken many shots of crescent moons and edited them in Lr3 and Lr4.  In the Lr4 beta - I cranked up the clarity slider to about 100 and loved the results.


      tonight I shot about 6 photos of the crescent moon and once I began to view in Lr4.1 RC2 - there a purple fringe around the moon and as the clarity slider increases from 32 to in the 70's - there appears very odd purple/blue... (artifacts?) to the right side - not 'on' the moon's surface but just outside of it.


      Never had this happen...


      Attached is a shot with clarity at 100 and (well I seem to be only able to upload one photo) another at 10. Other than lens corrections enabled for my 70-300L (auto for profile) - there are no other edits_MG_9488.jpg


      I can submit any further info required