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    Need help with decimal tabs?

    Nohjekim Level 1



      This is driving me crazy.


      I've done this in earlier versions of Indesign.

      I'm using CS4.


      I need to use a tab to make all the prices on this page line up.

      But nothing I have tried works.


      I've read the help files but they just say make a decimal tab and the numbers will move there.

      No details or step by step instructions. 


      I guess I need someone to hold my hand. LOL


      When I create a decimal tab and select the line of type with the number in it and hit tab the whole line just disappears, or it moves the number to the next line, flush left.

      Nothing I do will get it to move the decimal over to the tab.


      Any help appreciated...


      Tabs Clip.JPG

      The blue guide line on the left side of the collum is where I want the decimals to align.