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    resume app


      I'm trying to determine if Apple would approve a personal resume app? I imagine they would but just want to be sure.



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          BobLevine UGM

          I doubt it.


          They're no likely to allow you to distribute your resume via iTunes and open the floodgates.



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            jjdewittjjdewitt Community Member

            Thanks, Bob. I'll look into it further to get a definitive answer. I'd be surprised that Adobe would make publishing with Adobe DPS through the Creative Cloud easier (and cheaper) without allowing the ability to publish resume/portfolio apps.


            Thanks again.



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              BobLevine UGM

              Adobe has nothing to do with this.




              Apple has their own guidelines as to what content they will accept and something like this, IMO, is not going to be accepted.





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                jjdewittjjdewitt Community Member

                Understood, Bob, thanks for clarifying.

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                  Apurv_IDUG Community Member

                  But Bob, wouldn't this fail the very idea of creating single user portfolio apps for freelance graphic designers. I mean what if we create a portfolio app, and have resume in it, may be on the last page. It can be an HTML resource or a hyperlink to web based resume or anything.





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                    jkuhns5 Community Member

                    I can see a portfolio app, just set it up as more of an art book type peice, its all about style and perspective.  if it happens to contain a brief bio and contact info at the back maybe a link to someones website that also happens to have a resume, sure.  I don't think I would call it a portfolio, just call it the art of "jjdewitt"

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                      BobLevine UGM

                      Now that’s what I call I call “spin.”




                      But yes…that would probably pass Apple’s test…as long as it worked like an app. If the whole thing is nothing but static content, they’ll reject it and tell you submit it as an EPUB to iBooks instead.